Motherís Day Gifts are for Mothers-in-Law Too

Itís important to include your mother-in-law in your Motherís Day celebration.

When the lovely month of May rolls around, shopping for Motherís Day gifts will be at the very top of many consumersí to-do lists. When youíre checking off your completed tasks, donít forget to include your mother-in-law. Itís easy to forget your mother-in-law at this busy time of year, with the school year winding down, graduation parties for teens in your neighborhood, and making vacation plans. Seemingly trivial conversation tidbits are a useful tool for getting ideas.

Maybe your mother-in-law mentioned in your last phone call that she took up a new hobby, or perhaps sheís had her eye on a new bracelet at the mall. Donít ignore those tidbits of information when youíre trying to figure out what Motherís Day gifts to get for your mother-in-law. It could very well be that youíll figure out the gift in the middle of August. Jot down any ideas in your planner, so you can refer to them easily when itís time to go shopping.

Keep in mind that you donít always need to buy Motherís Day gifts that fit in neatly decorated boxes. Think beyond the standard default options of candy and hand lotion. Why not treat your mother-in-law to dinner and a show? Schedule the special outing when itís convenient for your mother-in-law, and simply work your own busy schedule around that date. Take lots of pictures so you can remember your special day for years to come.

If you host a celebration at your home that includes your own mother, donít forget to include your mother-in-law, too. Sheíll be happy to be included, and if you have children, theyíll enjoy the much-needed time with both their grandmas.